Would you like to use our boats somewhere other than Deer Lake? No problem! We are conveniently located right beside the highway and have offsite rentals on a daily and weekly basis. Included are lifejackets, paddles and all other mandatory safety equipment. You must have a way to transport the boat safely.  If you do not have a roofrack and ropes to securely transport the boat, then you can purchase a boat transporting system from Canadian Tire.  These kits are only an example of kits that you can purchase and you need to check that it works for your vehicle.  Click here for the Canoe Carrier Kit from Canadian Tire and Click here for the  Kayak Carrier Kit.  See the bottom of this page for suggestions on where to take your offsite rental.



First DayEach Additional Day1 Week
Single Recreational Kayak$40 plus taxes$30 plus taxes$120.00 plus taxes
2-3 Person Flatwater Canoe$45 plus taxes$35 plus taxes$150.00 plus taxes
2 Person Recreational Kayak$45 plus taxes$35 plus taxes$150.00 plus taxes
2 - 3 Person Pedal Boat$55 plus taxes$40 plus taxes$180.00 plus taxes
2 - 3 Person Rowboat$55 plus taxes$40 plus taxes$180.00 plus taxes
4 Person Pedal Boat$65 plus taxes$50 plus taxes$240.00 plus taxes
4 Person Canoe$65 plus taxes$50 plus taxes$240.00 plus taxes




  • Rentals are based on a 24 hour rental and do not include taxes. Pick up between 6 and 8 pm will be considered starting at 10 am on the following day and returns between 10 am and 12 pm will be considered as returned at 8 pm the night before.
  • Equipment rented is for offsite use and NOT to be used at Deer Lake.
  • Renters are solely responsible for the safe transport of all equipment and must have a roof-rack or similar transporting equipment to safely transport all equipment rented from Deer Lake Boat Rentals.
  • To learn more about our boats, please see the ‘Our Boats‘ page.




WIDGEON CREEK at Grant Narrows Regional Park in Pitt Meadows.

We are happy to provide you with a canoe, kayak or rowboat to explore Pitt Lake and Widgeon Creek.   Here is some more information on Pitt Lake.  Please note that any links to external websites are not an endorsement of the organization or the content that they provide.  It is supplied here as a matter of convenience.


Rolley Lake Provincial Park

Rolley Lake Provincial Park is an excellent family campground in Mission.  Here is some more information on the site: