A Frequent Paddler Card (FPC) is a prepaid card that allows you to get 5 one hour boat rentals at a reduced price. You’ll also receive complimentary drinks and ice cream with your card. With the FPC our staff will be able to get you onto the water faster and you won’t have to worry about carrying cash with you for your daily, weekly or monthly boating trips. See below for a full list of the rewards. All prices are before taxes.

FPC benefits:

  • Helping you maintain good health by being regularly active
  • Encouraging you to spend more time with friends and family by inviting them for a boat ride
  • Saving you money!
Price of FPC (Includes 5 Rentals)Regular
Price for 5 Rentals
FPC Bonuses
Single Kayak$75.00 including taxes$90.00 including taxes$15.00
3 free drinks and
2 free ice creams
2-3 Person Canoe, Double Kayak,
2-3 Person Pedal Boat
$95.00 including taxes$110.00 including taxes$15.00
6 free drinks and
4 free ice creams
4 Person Canoe,
4 Person Pedal Boat
$150.00 including taxes$175.00 including taxes$25.00
6 free drinks and
4 free ice creams